Monday, December 18, 2006

Movie Review

I haven't seen the movie Pursuit of Happyness, but this review made me want to head out to the theater. The film is Will Smith's latest, and, according to John Hawkins at Right Wing News, it "breaks all of Hollywood's rules." Breaking Hollywood's rules is good--maybe even good enough to warrant our spending a little money to actually go to the movies, rather than waiting for it to come out on DVD--a matinee anyway. Ked and I never go to movies at full ticket price hours. No movie is worth full ticket price, especially when the same amount of money for two tickets will buy the DVD. Pursuit sounds like it might be a winner, and Will Smith is a favorite of ours. (He's made so many excellent sci fi flicks, he earns Meow bonus points as a box office draw. This one isn't sci fi, but it is still Will Smith.) I, like everyone else, am busy during this holiday season, but everyone needs a break from the rush now and then, right? Ked's got the week after Christmas off; a matinee sounds like fun. Have a look at the review--maybe we'll see you there.