Sunday, October 12, 2008

Pumpkin Surprise

Ked and I were driving to church this morning when we noticed a local produce stand had put out their seasonal pumpkins. Nothing remarkable there, of course. Halloween is almost upon us. The kids are planning their costumes. The grownups are hanging their cobwebs, and the Sci Fi channel is showing nothing but an endless stream of horror films. (Yuck, but that's another post altogether.) We can all expect to start seeing creatively carved orange faces appearing on porches any moment now. Funny thing was, though, some of the pumpkins at this local produce stand were decidedly not orange. They were quite definitely grey. Haven't ever seen grey pumpkins before. Have you? It was a bit disconcerting. Genetic engineering at work, perhaps? Anyway, Ked mentioned that they looked dead, and then, in the spirit of the jack-o'-lantern-related holiday, we decided they looked undead. Finally, in the tradition of Dave Barry, we determined that The Undead Pumpkins would make an excellent name for a rock band.

That's all. Just had to share The Undead Pumpkins with you.