Monday, November 03, 2008

I'll Be Glad When This One's Over

I haven't been sleeping well for the last few months. There are lots of stresses in my life right now, and some responsibilities that are making me feel the weight of the world (a very small, Kat-toy sized world, but I'm feeling the load nonetheless). However, I think I figured out, somewhere in the wee hours of my 47th consecutive sleepless night, that the general tension I'm experiencing these days is being greatly exacerbated by election anxiety. I don't think the world is going to end, no matter who is elected, but I do really care what happens on Tuesday. If truth, justice and the American way are going to prevail, I would like to know that for certain and move on to the sigh-of-relief portion of our elective process. On the other hand, if all right-thinking folk are going to stay home on the 4th, insanity is to prove itself victorious, and I have to take my lumps along with the rest of the disappointed minority of the electorate, then I'd like to get that over with, too, so that I can start adjusting to life-as-it's-going-to-be-for-a-while (or, God forbid, more than a while). I am aware, of course, that the election is not all about me, or even much about me at all (very little in life actually is), but still, I'll be grateful when this eternal-seeming election cycle comes to a close. I read a headline the other day that said the 2012 campaign will start on November 5th. Shudder. As much as I like to follow politics, that's like being stuck in a really gruesome horror movie. I thought Halloween was over for this year?

On a lighter note: Now that we've had our grand finale of Washington D.C. pics, and explored the ever-so-wonderful Museum of Natural History, maybe I'll get to some of the photos from this summer's few other little adventures. We went to a couple wonderful camping spots, that highly deserve to be photo-blogged. Maybe. If I get a break from carrying the weight of the world. :-)