Thursday, March 19, 2009

Star Wars-Inspired Mosquito Destruction

What's not to like? Frank J. at IMAO calls this the Mosquito Death Star. Being developed in the U.S. as a way to fight malaria, it's a laser which hears that peculiar little annoying whine that mosquitoes make, and then zeros in to blast the little bloodsuckers into a galaxy far, far away. (Does that work as a euphemism for a quick and thorough death?) Okay, so the inspiration was from Star Wars, the missile defense system, and a degree of separation or two away from Star Wars, the generation-shaping science fiction escapist movie icon, but who cares? This technological gift to man and beast can potentially kill millions of evil mosquito warrior clones in just a few minutes. There is no downside here. May the Force be with it!

(Maybe it would help me get my husband to venture outside on warm summer nights...)