Sunday, May 24, 2009

Star Trek

Went to see the new Star Trek movie this afternoon! I haven't been to a theater in a very long time--not many films can lure me into "Overpriced Discomfort World," but I've been watching Star Trek since I was five years old, and it beckons like the purr of a baby tribble, or the distress call of a Federation science outpost under attack from a Romulan Warbird. I will not bore you with my opinions about casting choices, character development, relationship twists, time travel, alternate time-lines, or the potential for exciting sequels. These are judgements every sci fi fan must make for themselves. The definite opinion I will offer, though, is that this movie is FUN! I was thoroughly entertained, and loved some of the nods to the original series. If you're in the mood for some rollicking sci fi adventure, you could do worse than to go see the latest Roddenberry spawn--a lot worse.