Monday, April 25, 2011

The Dragon Flies

My husband just loaded Dragon Naturally Speaking onto my computer. He might have done this in the vain hope that if my computer did my typing for me I would spend less time on it. Hahahahahahahahaha!!!  Not only do I have to play now with my cool new toy, but now I also have to correct my cool new toy's mistakes until it understands the way I speak.  Maybe if I keep at this long enough, eventually it will start to correct my mistakes. For now, however, the Dragon still needs its hand (paw, foot, claw...?) held, and this post has taken at least five times longer to finish than it would have had I typed it myself! It's pretty fun though, and I think I'm going to enjoy this. Don't know if that'll make me blog any more, but, since I post about once every three to six months as it is, it certainly can't make me blog any less!  (A terrible pun about dragon my tail just came to mind, which I will almost spare you.)