Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Cool And Interesting

I think if I were to do a search to determine which words appear the most in the Meow, the words cool and interesting would top the list (notwithstanding recent evidence that would indicate that Israel and Lebanon would garner that honor.) Born in '63, there's almost no way that "cool" could have stayed out of my vocabulary, and "interesting" tops the charts just because so darn many things are. With all the things that I don't know, but so many other people in the world do, and the Internet as a resource where I can explore all these ideas, one word that very rarely comes up in my lexicon is "bored."

So, today's cool and interesting information-fest comes courtesy of World Changing. At various points over the last few months of blogging I've passed on articles and posts covering a wide range of topics, including alternative fuels, the Amazon rainforest, greenhouse gases, farming and technology. Well, here's one that's got 'em all. How about an agricultural carbon sequestration method, originated in the Amazon rainforest by native farmers of centuries ago, which by virtue of current technology creates an alternative fuel that is not only carbon neutral, but involves an ecological and technological cycle that actually removes carbon from the air, sending it into the soil where it produces even more biological matter to produce more of this carbon neutral fuel? Soil improves. Air improves. Energy situation improves. Is that cool and interesting, or what?

Hat tip: Futurismic