Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I Absolutely Had To Blog This

I have never heard anything like this. Do you believe in miracles? I bet these three fisherman do. Hector Tobar, of the Chicago Tribune, writes that three men, lost at sea in November, have been found alive, after floating halfway from Mexico to Australia. Their 30 foot fishing boat had lost two outboard motors, but was otherwise in good enough shape to stay afloat for all these months. Good shape for floating along on ocean currents, but not for calling for help--the boat apparently lacked a radio. My goodness, they spent just about nine months at sea, when they were supposed to be out for two or three weeks. Shades of Gilligan's Island, without the coconut cream pie. The men said they drank rainwater and ate birds to survive--and one presumes fish, as well. They sure could have used the Professor to make them a satellite phone out of seagull feathers and fish bones. I wonder if these men will change professions now, or if from this point on they'll just figure they're invincible? Maybe they could cash in and host a TV reality show. or something. "Survivor: Wherever The Current Takes You." Beats catching seagulls.

Hat tip: IMAO