Monday, February 12, 2007

Another Scientist Refusing To Jump On The Man-Made Global Warming Bandwagon

I just read this post from a fellow Oregon blogger, at The Doc Is In, and wanted to pass it on while it was fresh. It's another look at global warming, adding to the growing supply of evidence that not every reasonable and articulate scientist on Earth is in lockstep with the notion that people are causing the planet to warm, or even that a warming planet is a bad thing:

Timothy Ball is no wishy-washy skeptic of global warming. The Canadian climatologist, who has a Ph.D. in climatology from the University of London and taught at the University of Winnipeg for 28 years, says that the widely propagated “fact” that humans are contributing to global warming is the “greatest deception in the history of science.” Ball has made no friends among global warming alarmists by saying that global warming is caused by the sun, that global warming will be good for us and that the Kyoto Protocol “is a political solution to a nonexistent problem without scientific justification.”
Read the rest. Some of the more interesting bits are where Ball explains that the oceans can't rise as much as alarmists predict, and how historically, based on the ice core record, temperatures rise, then CO2 follows--not the other way around. Ball also provides some web addresses where people who want more scientific information (from real scientists who are focusing on the science part of global warming science) can go to get a deeper look.

Update: It just occurred to me that the fact this particular scientist is Canadian might have something to do with why he's willing to consider the warming of the planet as something less than a crisis. Just goes to show, perspective is everything.