Friday, February 02, 2007

Disney World Pics Of The Day--The Finale

Home again, and full of happy memories. I'm going to toss one more bundle of pictures at you, mostly because the Meow became our trip journal for this Disney World journey, and I want to complete the set. If you happen to enjoy them too, then so much the better!! On our last day, Ked and I didn't have to catch a shuttle to the airport until three in the afternoon, so we went back to the Boardwalk just for the joy of playing photographer. Of course, since we were leaving (and I am convinced that it's only because we were exiting the state), the weather was suddenly gorgeous and warm, and everything was announcing in triumph that we were, in fact, in Florida. This caused us a small amount of pining for the vacation we planned before we left Oregon--the one with t-shirts and sunscreen instead of gloves and four layers of clothing--but we are by nature rather cheerful folk, so the pining died a fairly easy death and we settled into enjoying the moment for what it was--what it was being a lovely end to a wonderful vacation, and I have the photographic evidence to prove it!! I'm not going to caption these; there are no cute animals that need names, and no crucial educational information to impart. We just thought these places were pretty, and want to share. Here goes...

And thus ends our Florida vacation. For those of you who come here regularly to read about the doings in the world, I hope you have enjoyed the respit from global events and scientific discoveries. I can't stay away from those things for long, and will be plunging back in as soon as I get caught up with what I missed (and find something to spark my interest enough to share it with you.) I hope to come across something cheerful to pass on to you, though. I'm still basking in the post-holiday glow, and don't want to let the political types dampen my spirits too quickly. With all the wrangling in Congress, and political posturing in the world, there's also Epcot and Disney's Animal Kingdom. That's a happy thing.