Saturday, May 27, 2006

There's A Difference

Pardon me if this is a bit snarky. I am so sick of the specious argument/implication that people who are against ILLEGAL immigration are against immigration in general. This article does not differentiate between the two at all.


  1. I rather like the comparison showing how the same Bible passage can be used to support opposing views. That phenomenon has a long and embarassing history.

  2. True. What frustrated me wasn't that the article showed different Christians have different points of view, or that they all use Scripture (frequently the same verses) to back themselves up. What I found frustrating was that they were using how some people interpret Scripture to imply that these are the only two camps, that people are either pro-immigration or anti-immigration, without any middle ground. How about quoting some Christians who think immigration is great as long as the immigrant uses the front door? It was disingenuous of the author, especially since even though I know a lot of believers, I don't think I know any that fall in these extreme categories, either completely opposed to the concept of border security, or completely against welcoming anyone into our democracy. Surely the author could have found SOMEONE who was somewhere in the middle, or if he couldn't track one down, he could at least acknowledge their existence.