Wednesday, July 12, 2006

On Holiday

Here's some more space-related coolness to get you thinking about getting off this rock. (Not that it's not a fine rock. It's lovely, in fact, but I do long to see it from "out there" one day, don't you?) Armchair Anarchist at Futurismic is one of my favorite sources for science and tech news, and this time I'll let him tell you the latest:

Space tourism is one of the growing new industries at the moment, what with there being plenty of room for new product ideas and innovatory techniques. It looks like it won't be all that long before people can pay for a trip into orbit, but then what? If heading straight back to Earth to clean the vomit off your flight-suit doesn't appeal, maybe you can stay for a few days in an inflatable space-hotel, developed from the prototype being launched from Siberia this week.
A hotel in space sounds fun for a holiday--and exorbitantly expensive. Maybe they'll add a few frills to up the cost/benefit ratio. I wonder if it'll have a pool?