Thursday, July 13, 2006


Israel is entering into a new conflict with Hezbollah, trying to recover two Israeli soldiers captured in an attack by the terrorist organization operating out of southern Lebanon. According to CNSNEWS.COM, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert declared that the abduction was an act of war, rather than a terrorist attack. Wednesday, Hezbollah fired "dozens of rockets and mortar shells at Israeli communities along the border", when they captured the two soldiers, and injured 11 others, and Israel then responded with "heavy artillery fire and aerial attacks on at least two bridges to prevent Hizballah from escaping with the soldiers." This is now the second front in a growing conflict:

The attack on northern Israel effectively opened up a two-front war for Israel, which also expanded its two-week old military operation in the Gaza Strip early Wednesday morning. Israel went into Gaza, hoping to force the release of another captured soldier and to stop the continual firing of Kassam rockets into Israel.
Pajamas Media is reporting on the situation and also quoting the story from CNSNEWS, making it clear that Israel means business, warning Lebanese civilians to get out of the way:

"Israeli Air Force combat aircraft drop leaflets on the Lebanese civilian population (a paraphrase): seek cover if you aren’t Hezbollah…stay away from Hezbollah offices and buildings.

The leaflets said the army operations would last as long as necessary to determine the whereabouts of Corporal Gilad Shalit, abducted two weeks ago.

"People who try to disrupt the [Israeli army's] activities, which are meant to ensure the safe return of our soldier, are doing so at their own risk," the leaflet said.

One of the things Hezbollah is demanding in return for the soldiers they are holding hostage is a prisoner exchange. One of the men they want released from Israeli prison is really a monster, as you can tell from this post at Shrink Wrapped. If you want some insight into the psychology of terrorists, this is a really good link to follow. The blogger is a psychoanalyst, and puts to rest the whole "blowing themselves up in desperation" concept that is the popular way to blame victims for the attacks that terrorists perpetrate on them. Read it if you can; it's heartbreaking, but oh so relevant.

Update: The Jerusalem Post says that Hezbollah is trying to transfer the captured soldiers to Iran. That's a rather interesting development, if true. HT: Atlas Shrugs

Update II: Pajamas Media is reporting that eight Israeli soldiers were killed in the Wednesday Hezbollah attack in which the two other soldiers were taken hostage. The report looks at current conditions in Lebanon, including further attacks by both the Israelis and Hezbollah. Lebanon has apparently been cut off from the rest of the world, with both ports and airport shut down. The situation continues to develop. Pajamas Media is a good source of information, and Instapundit has ongoing links to the latest.