Monday, July 17, 2006


The Mudville Gazette is pointing out something that I confess really took me by surprise. We're all so used to the Hollywood and music industry types criticising the war in Iraq, and marching in protests, that we barely even notice them. The anti-Iraq-war attitude seems to be a part of the celebrity condition--so much so that the few who support the war effort stick out like sore thumbs. Bruce Willis comes to mind. He's been impressive with his active involvement with our troops. I can think of a couple more stars who've made the A-list for me by their active concern for those affected by the war, both soldiers and civilians; Denzel Washington has been known to give time and money to help recovering soldiers (although I don't know where he stands on the war itself), and Gary Sinise has made amazing efforts, both for soldiers and Iraqi children. I'm sure there are more stand-up celebrities, but I'm not a country music fan, so most of them have escaped my notice. What about celebrities who are verbal about not supporting the war, but still actively support the troops--have you heard much of this type of thing? I sure haven't. Anyway, this one surprised me. Stars and Stripes put out an interview by Steve Mraz, with, of all people, Cher. I know she's had lots of cosmetic surgeries and all, but if you ask me, this is the best she's looked in years.

HT: Instapundit