Saturday, January 26, 2008

Disney World 2008 Pics Of The Day--Day 2

After a leisurely morning spent posting pictures here at the Meow for the entertainment of friends and strangers alike, we headed over to Epcot on Friday for a day of fun and frolics. Most of our day passed pleasantly away, as we wandered from country to country in Epcot's World Showcase. We chatted with some singers from the Voices of Liberty (an absolutely amazing A Capella group performing at the American Heritage Gallery), and discovered that one of them was from our hometown of Portland, and we had acquaintances in common. Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "Small World," doesn't it? The day was full of highs, very few lows, and one or two surprises. I think my favorite moment of the day, though, was when a six-year-old came up to me and asked me very sweetly and innocently, "Are you a teenager?" Talk about your Disney magic! This really is the happiest place on Earth!! I love that child. I truly love that child. On that note, on to the photos for the day. (Please be kind and refrain from commenting about how only a six-year-old could mistake me for a teenager. We are here to indulge in a little fantasy after all.)

Here's the ultimate landmark in Epcot. The big hollow ball behind me is one of our favorite rides, called Spaceship Earth. It's a gentle ride through human history, with a few tweaks since the last time we were here. They snap your photo at the beginning of the ride, and now at the end of the ride you get to see yourself zip around in a cartoon world of the future. It was so much fun we went around twice.

Ked insisted that we post this picture of me wandering around China. I decided to indulge him on this one. After all, it is his vacation too.
China kept us fascinated for quite a while, and these ladies were one of the highlights. Last year it was quite cold when we were here, so the acrobats performed indoors, but this year the weather is smiling, so we got to see the troupe contort out here in the open. No matter where they do their thing, though, it all looks equally impossible.

This gentleman had his work cut out for him when the wind kicked up. Despite the stiff breeze, though, he still managed to catch five bowls at a time on his head, while balancing on that teeter-totter.

I've been hitting the treadmill pretty regularly lately, so after a while Ked started thinking that borrowing that power chair beside him might be a good notion, just to keep up with Power Kat.

We just love all the interesting architectural details in Epcot, and Japan kept our cameras close to hand. I was thinking it might be of some use to have mine surgically implanted. Maybe once nanotechnology advances far enough that'll be an option, eh?

Scenes like this lake view panorama were what kept prompting the shutter-bug.

Here you get the flavor of the Moroccan souk. It was all incense and color, and crowds of bustling shoppers, just like the real thing--complete with the eager salesman who really, really wanted to make a sale--any sale.

The mosaic tile work throughout the Moroccan quarter is simply amazing. It's not a style that I would necessarily want to use to decorate my home, but you can't help but appreciate the intricacy and beauty of the designs.

Ked found the musical instruments fascinating.

He jumped at the chance to get "hands on" with some nearby drums.

Here's the atmosphere inside the Mexican temple where we ate our dinner. Our very, very yummy dinner.

This mariachi band kept the wait for our table lively. Disney musicians are soooo good!

Here's a shot of the World at night. Beautiful, isn't it? We'll leave you with this one--until tomorrow. Have a great day!!