Sunday, January 27, 2008

Disney World 2008 Pics Of The Day--Day 4

The flu attacked again in force today, slamming back down on me with swift and brutal determination. I tried to stay in the fight for a few hours this morning, but eventually succumbed to the increasingly urgent call of my pillow and bed, some orange juice and a couple of Nyquil Liquicaps. Hopefully a good night's rest will put my depleted body in a little better shape, and then we can pick up where we left off. Today's plan was to visit Animal Kingdom in the morning, and then Magic Kingdom for the afternoon and evening. We never made it past the animal part of the scheme, but maybe we can go see Mickey tomorrow. I don't have much to show you today. We only got a few snapshots taken before misery got the better of me, but what we did get I'll pass your way now, before I say goodnight again. There are a few lovely birds, most of which shall remain nameless, and another interesting creature or two. One thing you will not see, however, is the elusive Giant Red-Eyed, Red-Nosed Kat. It's dripping season for the Kat, and that's a time when the breed becomes particularly camera shy. The Ked too becomes scarce at such times, as it is only the lure of the Kat which draws him out into the open. Trust me when I tell you that right now the Kat is not very alluring...
We don't know what variety of bird this is. We just decided to call it "Pretty Birdie."

This is the same bird, but for lack of a better moniker, let's just go with "Pretty Birdie II."

Though not quite in focus, we thought the iridescence of this little beauty warranted its display here at the Meow.

This proud bird, all decked out in her (his?) Easter bonnet is an African Crowned Crane. Finally, a bit of actual information!!

This fellow (or lady) is a Military Macaw--the name having something to do with the color of Spanish soldiers' uniforms from some previous century or other. (While in my influenza-induced stupor, I take no responsibility for tracking down more specific information than that. If you'd like to research the topic more thoroughly and then educate us in the comments, please feel free to do so. Otherwise, we must all choose to live in unapologetic ignorance. Apologizing would be pointless.)

Here parades a Giant Anteater of some sort. I can't remember the entire name, but I do remember that it's the biggest variety of anteater. Giant is an accurate description, too. The brush on his back stood up about three-and-a-half feet, and he was probably seven feet strung out from tail to snout (or, tail to snot, as I originally typed it. I think I have a mental theme going here somewhere.)

Here's a Nile Crocodile, who looks so jolly we think someone must have cracked a funny right before Ked snapped the photo. Let's guess what it is, shall we? I'll start: "A crocodile and anteater walked up to a game warden and said, 'Did you see that Military Macaw that flew by? His tail was so green....'" This is where you come in... or not. It really is a lame idea, isn't it? I blame the Nyquil.