Saturday, January 26, 2008

Disney World 2008 Pics Of The Day--Day 3

Ked and I had another lovely day today. After a VERY leisurely start to the morning, we headed on over to Epcot for some rainy-day fun. Most of what we did was of the indoor variety, which was a good thing, since every time we emerged from our sheltered pursuits we saw fresh evidence of the teary weather. Actually, though, we had very good timing for most of the day, and while we frequently trod on dewy pavement, we seldom saw (or felt) the showers that kept the sidewalks glistening. We popped from experimental greenhouse to aquarium, aquarium to ride, and so on, and barely noticed the weather--other than a experiencing a vague sense of homeyness, since rain reminded us of what it was like to be home in the Pacific Northwest.

I'm not going to babble much at you tonight. It's very late and we're both still sick, but I do have a few pictures to send your way, so here goes:

Just like the last time we were here, in January 2007, we couldn't resist climbing on board a couple of Segways and taking them for a spin.

We also enjoyed taking another tour of the experimental greenhouses where Disney magicians grow giant fruits and vegetables and work on new and innovative ways to increase product yields. The picture above shows some of the different ways their produce gets its start. One of the things they're working on is a way to grow plants with no soil, just water and nutrients sprayed right on the roots. They're hoping that maybe someday the folks at NASA can use this method to grow food in space.

We spent quite a bit of time around the aquariums, watching dolphins race by and manatee munch on romaine lettuce. We also had a look at some of the smaller aquatic scenes, such as the vivid tank pictured above.

We saw a few of Nemo's friends and family when we peered into their watery homes.

This Nemo wannabe tried to convince us he was our favorite little clown fish, but he couldn't fool us--not enough stripes!!

If this wasn't Dory, though, she was doing a pretty fair imitation.

I don't know what kind of creature-fish this is, but the whole scene, fish included, was such an intriguing combination of ugliness and beauty that I just couldn't resist giving you a glimpse, even though the picture is a little blurry.

On our way out of Epcot in pursuit of our dinner, we made our way through Canada and England, and headed off to enjoy what will almost certainly be the food highlight for the week. We ate at Flying Fish Cafe tonight, and it was stellar. The food, the service, the atmosphere, all of it added up to a great memory. The waiter was everything a waiter should be. The chef came to talk to us not once, but twice, and all that attention didn't even hold a candle to the wonderful food, so you can imagine what a fine meal it was.

Here's a sample of the decor. As you can see, the fish are flying.

I'll leave you with the images of our delightful repast. On the left is Ked's monkfish, followed by my potato-wrapped snapper, and a beautiful cheesecake with a walnut crust. Mmmm, cheesecake...

Good night.