Sunday, December 14, 2008

Getting In The Spirit

It snowed today!! It wasn't the 4-8 inches they promised us for days, and the wind is blowing a lot of it away, and there's a layer of ice underneath it which is going to be there long after the snow has disappeared, but It Snowed Today!! Snow, snow, snow, lovely snow. In Portland. In December. Yay.

This blog has turned into more of a personal memory journal than anything else. I suppose I ought to remove the header that makes mention of politics and science and the like, but I haven't gotten around to it, and besides, you never know when I might get the whim to write something legit, but until then I hope you'll indulge me while I get in the Christmas spirit.

We were supposed to go to a party this afternoon, but stayed home because Ked is sick, and due to the general paucity of snow in the Portland Metro area, I have never actually driven in really bad weather. (I'd say ice and 23 degrees qualifies as bad weather. You can call me a wimp if you live in the Midwest or Northeast, but there it is.) Some day I need to learn, but it's not going to be while driving out to Oregon City by myself, leaving my husband home alone sneezing. I think a better plan would be going up with a healthy Ked to some mountain parking lot some day. I do not have a current death wish.

Since we had the unexpected time at home, and the inspirational white stuff, I took the opportunity to put up and decorate our Christmas tree. I offer it here for your perusal.

I went with a purple and gold theme this year--something you may or may not be able to tell from the photo above. (Click on the picture to get a better look.) I tried to take a picture that captured the feel of it more than the exact form. Not sure how that worked, but I gave it my best shot. I discovered it's hard to take a picture of a lighted tree. Flash washes it out. No flash makes it blurry or grainy. Oh well. It's the thought that counts, right?

Speaking of Christmas thoughts--If you are travelling for the holidays, stay safe and have a lovely trip. If you are sticking close to home, be warm and comfortably cheerful. Wherever you will be, I wish you a very joyous Christmas and a New Year full of Christ's blessings and love. Merry Christmas.