Sunday, December 07, 2008


I had to share last night's sunset with you. It was the kind of sky that makes you wish you weren't in the city, with rooftops and power lines, but out in an open field with just distant hills and maybe an oak tree or two. Simply glorious. I couldn't keep that sky to myself. You needed to see it too. (Maybe you did see it, if you're local, in which case it was a pleasure watching the sunset with you.)

Ked and I came home late in the afternoon from my mom's house with a load of her belongings to store in our garage. (She's trying to put some things in order, and we've been doing our best to help.) Anyway, I noticed as we pulled into the driveway how pretty the clouds were, with a beautiful glow that came from just the right amount of clouds meeting just the right angle of sun. They were dark in the back, but all lit up bright white where they faced the golden orb. (Bonus points if you know the movie quote.) I couldn't resist getting out my camera, because you just don't see clouds like that every day, and I'd love to learn to paint them. I'm a cameraholic anyway, so it's no surprise that I merrily started snapping pictures as soon as the car slowed enough for the camera to focus.

Once I finished click-clicking, and Ked finished backing the utility trailer into the driveway, we got to work, pulling stuff from the trailer and rearranging the garage space to accommodate the new additions. (We had to work around that as-yet-unassembled saw that I told you about last week. It's smack in the middle of the garage claiming preeminence.) Being busy, I wasn't really thinking about the sky anymore, just concentrating on the task at hand, but about half an hour after we got into the job I finally managed to look up again to where the sun was now going down. What I saw took my breath away. Hope you like it too. (Click to enlarge.)

This really doesn't do the glowy clouds justice. Although I want to learn to paint them, clearly I have not learned how to photograph them yet. (Maybe painting will be easier!! Well, okay, probably not.)

This is what I saw when I turned my focus upward for the second time. The clouds had been filling in for that half hour that we spent playing pack mule. While we weren't looking, God filled half the sky with this amazing color.

I walked around the neighborhood a bit to get a better view, and the clouds kept thickening while the fire spread.

I love this picture. Eventually the world above deepened to this dramatic grey-blue with rose-tinged edges. So beautiful. I want to live in those clouds--or at least be able to paint them!