Monday, November 06, 2006

Obsession: Radical Islam

There is an outstanding 8-part documentary (a little less than an hour and a half), available on YouTube, called Obsession: Radical Islam. If you have a hard time believing that there really is a threat to the West from radical elements of Islam, or a culture of jihad spreading throughout the world, you need to watch this video. If you think that the number if Islamists who hate the West is small and insignificant, watch the video. If you doubt that there is any connection between Radical Islam and Nazi Germany, or any lessons learned from WWII that must be applied to the War on Terrorism, you really need to watch this documentary. If you don't believe that many Muslim children are being abused--indoctrinated with lies and hate from the earliest ages, you need to watch this video. If you don't believe that it is the radical elements of Islam that truly harbor aspirations of global domination, despite all their accusations of U.S. imperialism, please, watch this video. I read a comment on someone else's blog earlier today saying that it is totally inaccurate to link Islamofascism and Hitler's Naziism, and that what we learned in WWII has no application to current events . I challenge anyone (sane) to draw that conclusion after watching Obsession.

Please know, I truly believe there are many Muslims around the world--most in fact--who really do love peace, and will stand with civilization when given the chance. However, if we do not see the danger for what it is of the 10% of Muslims (over 100,000,000 people) who ascribe to Islamist extremism, if we allow ourselves to hide from the truth, and hide from the need to confront the threat, they will never have that chance. Many of them cannot stand up from within Islamic countries, like Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Syria, etc., until they are sure that we will not abandon them to reap the whirlwind for speaking against the radical Islamic ideology. We absolutely cannot abandon Iraq to her fate, nor cede ground on any other front. Watch the documentary. This is not going away.

Hat tip: Sioux Lady