Saturday, March 17, 2007

The Big Hole

Ked and I have been working hard the last couple of days, digging the hole that I whined about in my last post, and sifting the rocks out of the soil through a screen that Ked threw together for the purpose. I'd love to tell you that I have something fascinating or amusing to share with you, but, alas, all we've done is heavy manual labor, and unless you would find a catalog of our various aches and bruises interesting, I got nothin'. What I do have is a slightly blurry, badly balanced, randomly touched-up-for-visibility picture of the big hole with me in it. The rock pile I'm leaning on is just the medium rocks we pulled from the ground. Anything under three inches is going to be sifted from the soil and sequestered on a tarp to be thrown back in the hole around the dry-well. Anything over about eight inches got hauled to a raised patio we built last year--for decorative deployment. (What do you do when life hands you rocks? Make a rock garden!!)

I look remarkably cheerful here, considering how long it took us to dig that far.

We're heading back out today. There's a trench to be dug, and a retaining wall to be built, and gutters to install, and painting to finish, and... (Boy, I hope it starts raining again soon.)