Friday, March 23, 2007

An Ounce Of Pretension...

Put this one in the "more money than sense" file. Would you pay a cool million for a laptop? How about if it had a rare diamond for a power button? What if you got to wear that power button around your neck? From Gizmag:

UK-based bespoke luxury goods creator Luvaglio has created the first million dollar laptop. That’s what the first of their luxury laptops will sell for. Full details of the laptop have not been released at this point, but it is known that it incorporates a 17" widescreen LED lit screen with a specially designed anti-reflective glare coating for clear and brighter image, 128GB of Solid State Disk space and a slot loading Blue-Ray drive. There is an integrated screen cleaning device and a very rare coloured diamond piece of jewellery that doubles up as the power button when placed into the laptop and also acts as security identification.

What do you think now? Does the integrated screen cleaning device give it more bang for the buck? Does the Blue Ray drive make it worth the extra $997, 801? What if you find out that you get to personalize your purchase, choosing your favorite color and everything? Are you dying to buy your own personal million dollar laptop now? Me neither. You know what they say--an ounce of pretension is worth a pound of manure.