Thursday, March 29, 2007

Holey Ridiculous Stories, Batman

The trench has been dug (aren't we fast?), and Ked is at Home Depot buying the pipe to run from the gutters to the giant hole. I took a minute to check my email, which sent me to this Scrappleface post about the "confession" of Faye Turney, a female British soldier being held captive by the Iranian government. Scrappleface "reveals" that not only had the group of fifteen sailors and marines, taken captive by Iran on March 23rd, strayed into Iranian waters, but they were bent on invasion--on a direct course for Tehran--to take over the country and plant the Union Jack. A fifteen man invasion--sounds like a solid plan to me. Mind you, Scrappleface is satire, but the satire doesn't push much beyond the ridiculousness of the charges by Iran. GPS readings clearly place the Brits in Iraqi waters, and even if they had crossed the line, under international law, the most Iran was allowed to do was warn them away, certainly not take them captive and hold them for what's going on a week, all the while changing their story to try and keep themselves in "the right." (For some reason, the coordinates for exactly where those sailors were supposed to have been keep shifting. Guess they didn't figure on the GPS records.) Does Iran actually think they're fooling anybody? Looks to me like they're digging themselves a bigger hole than Ked and I did.