Tuesday, April 10, 2007

"Exploiting The Jet Stream"

Looking for something new on the energy horizon? How about something new from something old? For your economy-and-ecology-friendly power-producing pleasure, I offer you the flying generator. That's right--there are alternative energy ideas currently taking flight that give a twist to that merry childhood plaything: the kite. These flying generators are designed to take advantage of the fact the wind blows a lot harder and more steadily way up high, up where the weather moves. All that power blowing around over our heads could be lighting cities here on the ground--if we could only capture it--and Economist.com has the story of more than one engineer who believes that he's found the answer to doing just that. Won't it be cool if they can pull it off--as long as they can keep the birdies and airplanes safe, that is?

Just as a side note, from a "decorating the sky" perspective, it would be extra cool if the flying generators can have streaming tails with colorful bows on them, too, just like real kites. They might as well make them pretty while they're at it, don't you think? Have you seen some of the land-based wind-farms? Visual blights, every one. I vote for flying generators with style. Anybody else agree, or am I flying solo?

Hat tip: Futurismic