Friday, April 20, 2007

Happy Blogiversary To Me

Today is the one year anniversary of the birth of the Meow. To quote a cliche--time flies. I never would have expected to have written so much, nor enjoyed it as much as I have. I really only started it to give my husband a break from the two or three articles a day that I was sending to his Inbox that he just had to read, and at his very strong urging. (Don't think, however, that he wanted to escape the emailed articles. He had much more affectionate motives. He knew I would enjoy it.) If anyone, even just a couple years ago, had told me that one day I would put out this many written words on a voluntary basis, for anyone and their highly intelligent dog to read, I would have dismissed them out of hand. Obviously, I would have been wrong. How little we know ourselves sometimes, eh?

Anyway, just as people do not generally spend their birthdays (beyond the original) actually getting birthed, I will not be spending this blogiversary blogging. It's a beautiful day, and my husband has the day off work. We're planning to garden and hike and enjoy the sunshine. Whatever you're doing, I hope it's as pleasant.