Saturday, April 28, 2007

"Quickly, Robin, Deploy The Batnet!!"

"Holey punctured tires, Batman, our clever plan to flatten the Gambler's whitewalls has failed. The Gambler and his double-dealing evil minions are getting away!!" Robin pounded his fist into his other hand, leaving a bruise. "Yes, Robin, I see the Gambler has hedged his bets." Batman slowly articulated each syllable, his progress impeded by the difficulty of coming up with the copious amounts of gambling-related verbiage the current caper required. "He's doubled down on run-flat tires, but he over-played his hand. He didn't wager we'd have upped the ante and developed a safe, quick and effective way to stop his winning streak. He doesn't know it yet, but he's tapped out. Quickly, Robin, deploy the Batnet. It's time for the Gambler to cash in his chips."

It only took Robin twenty seconds to stretch the barbed net across the route which the Gambler had chosen for his escape. "Hah," the Gambler chortled, "Jackpot!! No mere net can stop me!" Little did he know, he was playing a sucker's bet. As the high roller's tires spun over the harmless-looking net, it's barbs grabbed hold of their targets, and the stringy snare rapidly wrapped itself around the radials, bringing the rushing Rolls to a hurried halt, without harming the car or a single hair of its evil occupants. "The game's over, Gambler," Batman delved deeply into the few unused gambling terms left from Friday night poker with the other superheroes. "Looks like you lost a hard way bet, and now it's time to pay up. I'm sure the Commissioner will comp you to a prison cell, where Hold'em poker is the name of the game, and the house always has the edge."

"Holy snake eyes, Batman," Robin exclaimed to the Caped Crusader as they left the prisoners in the hands of the police and drove off to their secret lair, "talk about playing the odds. That net is a sure thing! What on Earth gave you the idea? It's sheer genius!" "Don't tell Alfred," Batman replied with a touch of chagrin. "He thinks I came up with this one myself, but I read about it in Gizmag, and thought it was so cool I just had to use it here in Gotham City for fighting crime. It's QinetiQ's X-Net vehicle arrest system. The UK and US defense departments are using it, and now they have a tool that can completely stop possibly dangerous vehicles without harming the passengers, and without having to shoot anybody. It's really bat-tastic. Here, I'll give you the link to the article I read, and here's another to the video demonstration. Now, Robin, to the Batcave. I think Alfred is making meatloaf for dinner."