Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Pics Two

Here we go again. I'll just treat this post as a continuation of the one above, okay?

Charm, charm, charm. Here's another of our favorite autumn trek haunts. Rasmussen Farms is the home of "Pumpkin Funland," where pumpkins become characters in a set of comic tableaux, and Pumpkin Farmers take their crops to town. I'm not sure what it says about them that their crop is a load of pumpkins. Looking at it from a human perspective, it could be inferred that they're hauling a whole pile of heads off to market, a sort of "Pumpkin-man meets cannibal head-shrinker" scenario. That's a little too Halloween for my taste, though, and really, would cannibals have artistic enough souls to decorate their horse with flowers? I think not.

Does this picture bring the Green Acres theme song into anybody else's head? Bah dum, bah dum bum, Bum Bum...

Do you suppose that old tractor had anything to do with growing these pretties?

Inside "Pumpkin Funland" every year, they chose a theme and run with it. This year's theme? Then and Now. We only got a few photos, but the scenes were a progressive look at the way of things in bygone eras, contrasted to how things are done now--from dating, to sports, to travel, to math, they had an scene for everything--the funland concept of how complex calculations were performed in days of old? Gourdhenge, of course!!

Who doesn't remember Grandpa Pumpkin's tales of childhood tribulation?

I think Ked and I are looking pretty sharp here, don't you? Maybe a bit two dimensional.

Every year we "ooh" and "aah" as we drive by this place. It looks like one of those perfect replicas they do at Disneyland. Doesn't this look like the perfect place to retire, or maybe open a bed and breakfast? Of course, we're a long way from retirement, but it never hurts to plan ahead.

We thought the day ended on a rather pleasant note. We drove through a wonderful downpour, promptly followed by this lovely rainbow over the hills of Washington. All in all, the day turned out to be just about perfect. I can't wait till next year.