Monday, October 30, 2006

Wave Power

Frequently, as I surf the web, I am caught up in a wave of excitement when I land on swell advances in the ocean of ideas for alternative power. Here's a current notion, that may hold water, if you can fathom the concept of electricity coming from the deep blue sea. Engineers are making headway on designs that harness the power of waves. Are you thinking of wind-turbines under water, matey? Well, that's not quite the heading they're taking. With scientists at a company called BioPower Systems at the helm, the company is going full steam ahead, with plans to have a pilot program in place by 2008, and commercial units available by 2009, but rather than underwater windmills, the new generators to which they are anchoring their future mimic more seaworthy designs, such as kelp fronds and shark tails. These forward-thinking plans work with the currents in a way that is safe for ocean life. Is your imagination adrift? Here's the link to help you batten down the mental hatches. This should buoy your hopes that the possibilities for alternative energy aren't going to capsize.

If I went overboard with the nautical terms, I hope you'll give me some leeway. I must have temporarily lost my rudder. Please stem the tide of malice, and I'll stow the rest of of the "dinghy" talk , lest I be cast off and keel-hauled.

Hat tip: Futurismic (Aye-- that's Futurismic)

(Bonus points for anyone who catches all the intentional terms. Double bonus points for catching ones I didn't intend. My count is 32, but does not include terms like kelp fronds and shark tails, nor the second use of the word "current," since it was used in context.)