Friday, October 06, 2006

The Politics Of Improving Security

Michael Rosen, at TCS Daily, has an interesting analysis of a convergence of benefit between successful politics and good policy. Specifically, he has a look at gains made over the last few months toward improvements in homeland security, including the 700 miles of border fence recently passed by both the House and Senate, as well as legislation establishing military tribunals for terrorism detainees and basic standards for interrogation of combatant prisoners. There are clear advantages to both achievements. The fence, as I've noted earlier, is about knowing who's coming into our country. Setting tribunals and interrogation standards gives guidelines for CIA and military questioners, protecting both the detainees (from abuse) and the interrogators (from unjust accusation.) Rosen points out that, with an election looming, these accomplishments are beneficial to Republicans politically, as the party in power, but says that "the U.S. as a whole is the true beneficiary." Have a look.