Thursday, October 26, 2006

Speaking Up

Here's a brief diversion for you, that I find fascinating in a "human interest story" kind of way. Scott Adams, the man who brings the Dilbert comic strip into the cubicles of office workers everywhere, lost his voice for 18 months--sort of--and then got it back--mostly. His doctor told him no one ever recovers from his condition (something called Spasmodic Dysphonia), a discouraging statement at best, but Adams applied some creative reasoning and innovation to the problem to bring about his own recovery. (I find that kind of story very encouraging, like watching the movie Lorenzo's Oil.) It's a strange tale. Adams has got a blog, and tells all about it, in all its weirdness. Weirdness example: he couldn't have a conversation with a person right by him, but could still speak to an audience. Wondering how that works? Read it for yourself.

Update: A later post says the fix is holding, and he's talking at about 95%. Neato.

Hat tip: IMAO