Thursday, January 25, 2007

Disney World Pics Of The Day--Day 2

We should have brought the parkas. It is freakin' COLD here. If we wanted temperatures in the forties and fifties we could have stayed home!! I usually over pack, and tried so hard not to get carried away this time, but right now we're wishing we'd brought the long johns and turtlenecks. It's a good thing we had so much fun today, or major whining would commence, but since we are having an absolutely fabulous time, I'll let the weather go with a mild warning--for now. It better get it's act in gear before we leave, though, or we're not really going to believe Disney World is in Florida. Washington maybe, but not Florida. Anyway, here's today's pics picks:

On vacation or not, Ked expects his dinner promptly at 5:00! Most days, he’s disappointed.

Kedley and I ruled the land fairly, but gave up the Pharaoh gig because we just couldn’t see spending three hours a day putting on our makeup.

That’s real glacier water… In FLORIDA!! Brrrrrrrrrr.

No matter where you go in a Disney theme park, there’s spectacle around every corner and music down every alley. Today, in front of the slice of France to be found at EPCOT, we saw this very brave man rearranging furniture. For some reason he didn't think he had enough chairs. Yesterday we saw a Mariachi band that was basically flawless, so tight and in tune and with such great vocalists that we listened to the whole set with these enormous smiles on our faces. Seriously, my face hurt just the same way it did when Ked and I got married and we had to smile at everyone who snailed through the receiving line. I never knew till then how much actual pain cheeks are capable of experiencing. The Mariachi band at EPCOT was totally worth the aching cheeks, though, and we would gladly have listened to more, facial pain or no. Same with the a capella vocal group we saw at The American Adventure exhibit. Most of the acts at Disney are full-time performers. They do several shows a day, every day, and every live performance is outstanding as a result.

The American Exhibit at EPCOT is so unabashedly patriotic that we were quite impressed. There was a theatrical presentation called The American Adventure, illustrating the history of our country, that actually made both Ked and me choke up. It really was moving. In it, Mark Twain and Ben Franklin tell the unapologetic but accurate story of our nation, with its greatness and its flaws. Despite how much our country has had to change to overcome her early treatment of some of her citizens, The American Adventure shows that her intent has truly been noble, and I’m proud that people from so many other nations get the chance to see America from Disney’s perspective.

Part of The American Adventure theater--the part with statues.

Ked and I, in Florida, in our FOUR layers of clothing! That’s just wrong.

High on a hill stood a lonely goatherd…

Believe it or not, those little red mats are floppy cloth. Spinning is what keeps them spread out. Anybody else out there remember what it was like to be young and flexible? I have a distant recollection...

That acrobat got all those layers of trays and glasses (those glasses are actually filled with liquid) balanced on her nose, and then she stood between those ladders and climbed them, balancing both the glasses and the ladders by sheer strength of will. She’s gonna be a great mom someday.

Well, it's one in the morning here, and sleep's a wastin'. Good night, all.