Thursday, January 04, 2007

Pics In Space--The Musical

Oh! Oh! Oh! You have to go see the newest batch of space photos from MSNBC. This month's slide show is "the year in review" and they've set it to music!! The audio has a few moments, as they were heard live, from news clips, but mostly it's just the soary kind of music that makes you want to tell Scotty to beam you up. Once you've seen it with the soundtrack, you can take it off auto play, and savor each pic, one at a time. That way you'll have time to read the little blurb they have off to the left of each individual photo that tells what it is. My favorite this time around is brought to us by our old friend Hubble, which caught an incredible image of stars clustered within a nebula. Truly breathtaking. (I think it's number six.)

If you keep the slide show on auto, it will automatically take you to their year in review photos from events around the world. I found it interesting, but, needless to say, not nearly so uplifting as the pictures from the final frontier. Many of the news images were negative, naturally, since so much of the news is negative, and those of us sensitive to the MSM slant will detect it once again. They tried to offset this with pics of cute kids and fuzzy animals, but it seemed from the news photos they selected that nothing good happened anywhere this year. I appreciate that they have to deal with the realities of war, but I could have used a photo or two of U.S. soldiers doing some of the many positive things they are doing in Iraq, rather than just images of violence and cowering Iraqis, or perhaps an image from the Winter Olympics--maybe a snap of athletes from rival countries showing sportsmanship to one another. Something. Anything. The lack of the positive side of the world was frustrating. The fuzzy animals were cute, though. Your call.