Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Happy, Happy, Happy

I'm a totally happy Kat today. It's snowing!! Really snowing, not just teasing us by tossing a few flakes our way and then retreating into freezing rain (which is Portland's typical way of pulling out of a long cold spell.) It's been coming down for hours, and the world is ever so much more beautiful now that it's frosted. Earlier the show was steady and determined, with small flakes plummeting rapidly into place, like soldiers on a mission. Then the drama relaxed a little, with the snowfall becoming a dance, a swirling, meandering dance, to no particular rhythm. Now world is swathed in fluffy cotton, and the flakes are big and soft and many, and I am entranced. This is a performance I will watch as long as I can. That is the advantage of living in a place where we don't get snow very often. It makes the times when we're treated to a snowstorm so special. I am delighted. I have a big mug of tea, and all the curtains open, and I'm settled in, cozy and warm, as my world gets more and more beautiful. Tonight, after my Kedley comes home, we'll go walking and sing snow songs in two part harmony.

A couple of cross-country skiers just passed by, looking happy. Ked and I have gone downhill skiing a couple of times this season, and will probably go again this week. Snow here in Portland means GREAT snow on the mountain!! I can hardly wait, but for now I am content to watch the display. I'm so grateful that the snow is coming now, and not next week. We're heading off to Florida on Tuesday, to spend a week playing in Orlando--Disney World awaits--and we are anticipating the trip with joy, but if we had gone to Florida and missed what is likely to be the only real snowfall of the year, I would have pouted for a very long time. Now I don't have to pout, even if it snows for days at home while we're gone. I might even forgive the weather forecasters in time.

I may, or may not, get some reading in today. I'll let you know if I come across anything good.