Monday, January 15, 2007

Egg Therapy

"Would you like a side of bacon with your therapeutic proteins this morning?" Huh? That's science-speak for, "Do you want bacon with your eggs?" We are well into a new age. Many of us these days are aware of advances in biopharming, and how scientists are producing pharmaceuticals by growing them in plants, but did you know that scientists are also adding a twist or two to the genetic makeup of common chickens, enabling them to lay eggs which come pre-loaded with antibodies and other proteins for treating such plagues to humanity as cancer and arthritis? According to, the hope is that such avian alterations will make it possible to produce treatments faster and cheaper than traditional drug production methods--not to mention how much tastier this approach is than anything doctors have prescribed up till now. "Take two eggs, and call me in the morning," has a nice ring to it, don't you think? These eggs are even okay for the cholesterol-wary patient, since the desired proteins reside in the egg white, making them just right for that oh-so-yummy egg-whites-only omelet. Combine them with some fluorescent green ham from genetically modified porkers, and you add new meaning to the term "health food." Do you think Dr. Seuss would approve?