Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Leaving On A Jet Plane

Well, the day has finally arrived. In just two more hours Kedley and I will be off to the airport to start the "hassle and ordeal" portion of our trip to Florida. Actually, I hope there won't be too much hassle. We've packed away all the items that aren't allowed as carry-ons anymore, and we've ample time between flights to switch planes, so things should be pretty relaxed. We also have seven or eight movies on the iPod to keep ourselves entertained. I think we're set.

I had to go online to check for exactly which things were okay to carry on board with us and which weren't. Turns out all those important grooming items had to be checked. We could take hair gel, shampoo and the like in a carry-on, but only in bottles that don't hold more than 3.5 ounces. We're going to be in Orlando for a week, and because of my allergies we can't buy off-the-shelf products, so I thought it best to pack the bigger bottles. I don't want us to run out of toiletries on day 5 and then have to wander around Disney World feeling like a sticky gooey (and stinky) mess. Better safe than sorry. I always end up over-packing anyway. You just never know when you're going to need that second pair of sunglasses, or that third pair of shorts. (Since we're off to Florida I'm taking a gamble that it's safe to leave the parkas at home.)

We're pretty excited. We've never been to Florida before, and Disney has never let us down yet. Can't wait...can't wait. Clock not ticking fast enough!! However, since we're grabbing the red eye (heading to the airport here at 5, and getting to Orlando at 7:30 tomorrow morning), we're going to miss the State of the Union address. Here's where you come in--should you choose to, that is. If you're feeling eloquent, irritated, pleased, disappointed, whatever, come back if you have something to say and leave it in the comments section for this post. (Just be polite, please. I'd hate to beg for info and then have to delete it from the comments. It would feel mean, and I don't want to be mean, especially on vacation.) I'll be checking in every now and then, probably posting a "picture of the day" so that you all can enjoy a little Disney magic too. Oh, by the way, if you come across any interesting articles or blog posts, feel free to leave links in the comments as well. I'm going to try to leave the Internet addiction behind in Portland while I'm gone, but I'll want to know what I missed when I get back. My husband is expecting to administer some sort of medical assistance when the withdrawal gets too bad, but I'm going to do my best to kick the habit for the week. If it's possible anywhere, it'll be possible at Disney World!!

Have fun. I know I will.