Sunday, January 28, 2007

Disney World Pics Of The Day--Day 5

Today was absolutely fabulous! We went to Disney's Animal Kingdom and can't even begin to tell you how wonderful it was. (Actually, I could tell you, but I doubt you have an hour to spend reading my raptures.) So, I'm just going to let today's pictures show you a little of what we saw...

Hyacinth Macaws

African Rhythms

A nice place to call home

Gators, or is it crocodiles? How about "big reptiles with really scary teeth?" Works for me!

We don't know the official name of this little guy. We just know he's pretty (or she's pretty. We don't know that either. Aren't we just a wealth of information?)


It was very clearly dinner time in the tiger zone. Tigers are naturally solitary creatures, but these tolerate each other because they are well fed. We could tell when the three tigers that share this habitat all started pacing around together over by a couple of low archways that they all had the same thing on their minds--digestibles!!

Although this fellow too must remain nameless, because we didn't take good enough notes, we can say with authority that he's cute, and really, isn't that all that matters?

Judge G

According to the kind and informative Disney employee, this is a Gernook Antelope. The spelling is phonetic, since even our Disney guide couldn't be certain of the proper sequence of letters. I'd look it up, but it's late, and I'm tired, and I think it would be good for you to take some initiative toward your own spelling and vocabulary education. For added incentive, you can come back and correct my spelling if you'd like. I'll give you a gold star in the comments section and bonus points on the spelling test for the extra effort.

This was just a pretty birdhouse that stood in a very beautiful little aviary. Disney is so very good at the details.

Tiger basking in the sun--These "ruins" make for a pretty classy napping spot, don't you think?

Storky and Hutch

"Hear me roar!!"

"Let's see. I'll start with the endive salad with raspberry vinaigrette, and then I'd like the roast duck with mango salsa. If you don't have any fresh duck, I'll just chew on this bit of palm leaf, but I'd really like some fresh ground pepper."

Local color

"Let's have a conversation."

Gee Mom, the water's so blue."


Sometimes God works in Technicolor.

These were just a few of the wonders we saw today. We're definitely going back tomorrow. There was a lot we missed, and a lot we couldn't capture with our cameras, but we sure had fun trying to see and record it all. We're really hoping for tomorrow to be another day like today. Everything we did was a delight, from the Safari ride and the walking tours, to our "journey back in time" to see dinosaurs, to our terrifying encounter with the Yeti on "Expedition Everest." Oh, I almost forgot!! One of the high points of the day was our dinner at Boma--an African buffet at the Animal Kingdom Lodge that a friend suggested we try. The food was amazing, and unique, and much of it was new to us. If you've read the Meow before, you know that food really isn't my thing, but I actually had a second plate from this delicious buffet, and that's saying a lot!! One extra cool bit of Disney magic--when I asked if there was a cookbook, the waiter had to say no, but he had me write Ked's email address and the recipes I wanted from dinner down on a paper that Boma provides for guests, and the restaurant is going to email us the recipes. Now that's what I call service!! If you ever make it to Boma, we highly recommend the Fufu.