Friday, January 12, 2007

Terrorism In Greece

The U.S. Embassy in Greece came under fire today from a rocket-propelled grenade launched from a neighboring building. (Can't say that neighboring building was particularly neighborly.) The damage was minor, and no one appears to have been injured, thank God, but officials are calling this an act of terrorism. I don't have any information of my own, or even much to say about it at this point, so I'll just send you to some folks who have the latest. Mary Katharine Ham, reporting for Michelle Malkin (who is currently in Iraq), had an early heads up about this. Later in the morning See-Dubya, also at Malkin's site, posted an update which explained why this particular embassy is vulnerable to rocket fire. Both these posts also link to Allahpundit, at Hot Air, who was on it early and has been keeping the story updated. I'll let you know later if I come up with anything important to add, but I think these folks have the story pretty much covered at this point.